Our Submission Process


By the way, we no longer accept cassettes 😉

You are most likely looking for publishing opportunities for your songs, and that makes perfect sense, since that’s why I started From the Moment as my personal publishing company several decades ago. I wanted that mailbox money that would come from my songs getting airplay, recorded on albums, and now all the other online and offline options publishing offers.

So, we make it pretty easy. We have a specific email for you to send us music files (MP3s or MP4s only please) and lyrics (PDF, DOC or DOCX format). We expect the best you have. In fact here’s exactly what we are looking for:

  1. Hook. This is job 1. We can’t do anything with a song that isn’t hooky. Sorry, welcome to publishing. I need hooks so that when I take your song to a major publisher or show a music supervisor for TV or other media, they will keep listening. If you need to know what I mean, just read this blog post: http://soulofthewriter.blogspot.com/2013/12/repeating-yourself-importance-of-hook.html or this: http://soulofthewriter.blogspot.com/2012/07/strong-hook-and-why-you-better-have-one.html (As you can tell, this is important to us!)
  1. A Great Recording. This is job 2. I just can’t show off a lousy demo of the song. It hurts the presentation and will end a publishing meeting real fast. In fact, we will usually want to do the production ourselves. Production is our strength, and our recordings always make it easy for people to listen to.Historically, publishers have paid for demos. But the entire music industry has changed as you may be aware, and as usual, we are just making up our own rules. The industry may not care about you, and may or may not let you to play by their rules, but we DO care and we WILL let you play by our rules.If we like your song, but feel it needs a better recording, we will likely ask you to work with us to record your song. Yes, you’ll pay for it, but we can take less or no percentage on the publishing side. As a publisher it’s nice if we can retain some publishing rights, but as a company that loves to produce we think it’s a better investment to take less than in publishing in order to make sure we have a great recording to walk into publishers with.Also, the recordings we make serve a dual purpose for you for sales and distribution to friends, family, and fans. Having a well done recording gives you terrific calling card as a professional songwriter.
  1. Songs that Avoid Cliche. This is perhaps the biggest problem with Christian music, and one of the reasons we don’t respond to most songs. Usually songs are simply too much like every other Christian song out there. These are a hard sell to publishers. If you dare, here’s how we really feel about cliche: http://soulofthewriter.blogspot.com/2012/02/dread-pirate-cliche.htmlWe need to be the company that walks in with fresh, original takes on what it’s like to be a Christian, a worshipper, and living a life with Jesus that’s real. What have you got for us? Be warned though, if we feel it’s cliche we likely won’t respond.

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I’m afraid we really don’t (or more like can’t) do anything with Country Gospel, Southern Gospel, Metal, or Rap, but just about anything else goes. Contemporary Christian (Pop, Rock) is what we can best show and sell to publishers or our clients and contacts here in Nashville. We also will accept Worship, World, R&B, Ballads, Orchestral, Contemporary Country, and Dance.

Depending on our workload, we will try to respond to all music sent to us, however, we cannot promise we will respond to anything we aren’t interested in. We just have so little time, so we hope you understand.

Copyright. If you are concerned about copyright issues, either get it copyrighted or don’t send. But remember, if you have already copyrighted the material, it increases our (and any other publisher’s) workload on the back end. Believe me, we have enough material, and copyright is usually done on the back end through the publisher.


If you promise to follow all the above, feel free to send 1-3 songs to FromtheMomentSongs@gmail.com

Absolutely no one sees or hears anything on this site except us (and that’s a small group, sometimes one person), and songs are never shared or pitched unless we have spoken with you about it.

Thanks and we hope to hear from you!

Join Us and get song opportunities and more info as we grow our publishing company!