Get Your Songwriting Career Moving!

cowritegtrWe believe if you are reading this page now you are looking to move forward with your songwriting career. You’ve probably put a lot of work into your songwriting, you take it very seriously, and want to move forward.

We’d like to help.

Get Published!

Just like you, I started writing songs a long time ago, but I’ve always been looking for the next step. For me, it was releasing my songs through my own music brands, but also finding artists to sing them. As a producer of many Christian artists, this opportunity comes up all the time. We also offer this opportunity to you as well.

To be included on our email lists when we are looking for songs, click here.

We also have a place where you can send us songs for consideration. Granted, we mostly look through these when we are looking for songs, and will also announce when we are looking.

Click here for our submission process.

Get Feedback!

Ever just want to get a professional opinion on your songs? We have offered a critique service for over 15 years and have started great relationships with songwriters this way.

Click here for info on our 3-Song Critique and Consulting package.

Get in touch with us now with any questions!

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