3-Song Critique Service

Need to get a professional opinion on your music?

Creative Soul now offers a cost-effective 3-Song Critique Service for $125!

This package includes:

  • ec-produces-tdExtensive professional review (Up to 3 Songs per Consult)
    We will listen for several days to your demo in a few different systems and locations to get a feel for the music and it’s commercial appeal. Other factors taken into consideration will be songwriting strength, originality, music talent, and heart.
  • Detailed email, and follow-up phone conversation if you like.
    We will write a long, detailed email about the songs and the topics listed above. Then, when you have had time to digest all that, we can schedule a phone call to talk more in-depth.
  • Suggestions for next step, publication, or industry contact
    Sometimes our best suggestion will be a few days of work at our studio, or we could suggest you send it to a publisher or record label. How good are you?
  • Discount off future Day Rate at Creative Soul in Nashville
    If you decide to schedule a day after your demo consult, we will take $50 off the Day Rate price for that day.

It’s a no-lose package for you, and let’s you know if you’re on the right path, or there’s still work to be done.

Ready to get started NOW? Go to our online store at Creative Soul Online and make your critique payment and then begin sending us your 3 songs for critique.

Want to know more about this critique service? Click the button for more info!


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