Song Co-Writing and Demo Production Package for Songwriters

Got lyrics or an idea? We’ve got music!

titleWe are currently offering a new special to help develop new songs with lyric writers.

We get asked every week if we “put music to lyrics”. The answer is generally no unless we are working together “co-writing” and then moving on to some form of recording with our sister company Creative Soul Records.

But if you are just a lyric writer, or have an idea for a song, we now have a new program to help you move your song idea into reality.

Introducing “The Song Co-Writing & Production Package” for Songwriters

current-campaignWe keep this super affordable, but also adjustable depending on the style of song and final production your song needs. For instance, it could be you just need to have someone help you finish the song, and then record a simple demo with piano and vocal. Or, you could decide you need a Master Quality recording with all the bells and whistles.

The initial cost for the co-writing package is $300 with a deposit of just $150.

Note: We will take a look at any words or ideas first to make sure we’re a good fit to write for your words/ideas. We’ll be choosy, so keep that in mind. We’d like to think this can be a learning experience for you.

If you are interested or need more information, contact us here.

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