Welcome to From the Moment Music

We are looking for amazing songwriters for many different opportunities including songs for artists, as well as licensing to film, television, and advertising.

What kind of songs are we looking for?

titleWe re looking for great contemporary songs, but also interesting ideas and melodies. In this day of same old same old, we want to be moved and surprised.

We need songs for artists. We need songs that look at things from a fresh perspective. Lyrics that are real, and not just rehashed from another song.

We are looking for songs for use in film, television, commercials, video games, and other uses. There is more visual commercial content out there than ever in history, and it all needs music. We need great songs to pitch to the folks who find the songs for these shows, films, and ads.

These songs need to be happy, uptempo, original, well-produced, and fun.

Most of all, we want to be bowled over by a song we hear. We want to hear something we want to put on our Spotify playlist. Something that reminds us why we got into all the music in the first place.

From the Moment we hear it, we need to be nodding, and maybe even grooving. We need to be smiling, and saying “Yes! Where has this write been all my life!”

We have amazing opportunities for the right songs, and the right artists and songwriters.


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